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Capturing Opportunities

We grow our business wherever we see the next opportunity – that is what got us this far…

Professional and Innovative

Hertshten Group is a leader in trading of exchange listed derivatives, across all asset classes, on many of the international derivative exchanges.

Our edge in the market comes from our unique talent base of individuals situated across the globe, significant experience, use of leading technology and diversified portfolio.

Hertshten Group brings real, measurable value to the global exchange traded derivatives world through its ongoing activity as a global market maker and liquidity provider.

All businesses are financed with the company’s capital and with no external investments.

Global Outreach

The exchanges we trade on are the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives market place, offering unparalleled liquidity alongside robust regulatory framework. Hertshten Group holds trading memberships with more than 20 Exchanges, and trades on more than 350 products.







Our four lines of business

Futures Proprietary Trading
Options Proprietary Trading
Market Making
High Frequency Trading


While maintaining its role as a leader in derivative trading on the various listed derivative exchanges, Hertshten Group aims to continue growing into new geographical regions, as well as expanding into new related ventures.
A key focus of Hertshten Group is to source trading ventures for the purpose of building partnerships that offer attractive synergies and scalable returns.
Hertshten Group provides capital, exchange connectivity, risk controls, and regulatory oversight to allow for growth and diversification of its partners.

Risk Monitoring

Risk management is central to all our trading activity.
We deploy cutting edge technologies to effectively manage and control our risk, while giving us the space to grow in dynamic and ever changing markets.


"Throughout our 8+ year relationship, Hertshten Group has been committed to working with B3 to further strengthen our markets in Brazil. Always an engaging partner - supporting the exchange with valuable inputs in market hearings and promoting a transparent and collaborative relationship - Hertshten Group has been integral in assisting us develop some of our key products"

"For ASX, Hertshten Group have been great to work with as a partner to grow liquidity and volumes in the Australian futures market."

"We have been interacting with the Hertshten Group for many years. They are real professionals dedicated to making better markets on the global stage of exchange traded derivatives. We are always impressed with their level of professionalism and deep knowledge of worldwide markets."

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